BMW M3 Sporty Drive by G-Power

BMW M3 Sporty Drive by G-Power

BMW M3 Sporty Drive by G-Power


G-Power will reveal the new tuning edition of BMW M3 Sporty Drive. The German tuner is confident with their new product. They have updated the car by using impressive features such as a new set of wheels, powerful engine and upgraded suspension. The people who might interest to drive this car will be offered with three different editions. Those are SK I, SK II, an SK II Cs. The buyers can enjoy a new set of 20-inch wheels. The wheel is wider compared to the standard edition of BMW M3. All versions will be outfitted with technical update supercharger system to give the buyers powerful performance on the road. The high tech system is represented through the revised ECU software.BMW M3 Sporty Drive by G-Power Interior View


BMW M3 Sporty Drive looks sportier than ever. The update is applied on the exterior and design cues. The tires are revised by using the wide 20-inch Michelin in the size of 255/30ZR20 for the front side. The rear side are equipped with 295/25ZR20. When you turn the attention on the back side of the vehicle, you can see a new stainless-steel G-POWER rear sport silencer. The tail pipes come in the size of 0.15 x 3.26 inch.BMW M3 Sporty Drive by G-Power Back View


The SK I, SK II and SK II CS offer you with different powertrain. The standard power range comes from 190 hp up to 420 hp. The engine features modified ECU software, a racing air filter and revised air intake. SK II can boost the power up 580 hp, while SK II CS offers you with 610 ponies. The final track performance number has not been revealed by the German tuner but we have to wait for it soon.BMW M3 Sporty Drive by G-Power Engine Performance


Probably you are curious to know about the price. But you should wait since the price of BMW M3 Sporty Drive by G-Power will be announced in the later date.

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