2014 Chevrolet Silverado Review

2014 Chevrolet Silverado


2014 Chevrolet Silverado has been launched recently to join its siblings like Chevrolet Silverado 2500 and 3500 HD pickups. The new car comes in rugged power. The manufacturer claims that the new Silverado can bring the powerful, intelligent and stronger performance on rugged environment. Inside it can make you flatter. The cabin is made in spacious and quite styling. The passenger will be more comfortable when spending time inside the interior cabin. The truck is equipped with six-gauge instrument cluster. Thus the driver can control the vehicle as he wants.2014 Chevrolet Silverado Interior


2014 Chevrolet Silverado comes in functional, muscular, athletic and aerodynamic styling. The exterior of Silverado is accentuated by the look of power dome hood double, port grille, and full width bumper. The drag can be decreased since Silverado is outfitted with tailgate spoiler, and new front end. The engine is cool even though you drive this car for longer hours in town. The truck is totally rugged with its subtle and clean lines. It looks modern and strong.


2014 Chevrolet Silverado is powered by two engine options. You can choose the V6 or V8 engine. All of them will feature some supporting elements like continuously variable valve timing, cylinder deactivation, and direct fuel injection. The V6 engine will come in the displacement of 4.3 liter. The torque produced by the engine is great to power a trailer and pick up. If you want more power and torque, you can choose the V8 engine which comes in the displacement of 5.3 liter. The V8 engine is also offered with the displacement of 6.2 liter. It brings more powerful performance under the hood.Red 2014 Chevrolet Silverado Front Design


The date of releasing as well as we the base price of 2014 Chevrolet Silverado has not been announced by the Chevy automaker. We should wait until the car is headed in Detroit first.

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