2013 Jaguar F-Type Firesand

2013 Jaguar F-Type Firesand has made a big debut on the Los Angeles Auto Show 2012. It is considered as one of the anticipated editions from Jaguar. The Firesand model is customer friendly for it comes with bundles of personalization features.

2013 Jaguar F-Type Firesand Interior and Exterior

The model is built based on the standard edition of F-Type V6 S. Inside the cabin looks roomy and comfortable. You can have it made in aggressive look since it is accented with black package interior. The interior is treated to suit the aggressive and muscular look of the exterior. Both inside and outside, the design language looks coordinated.

The exterior looks fresh, subtle and dynamic. 2013 Jaguar F-Type Firesand comes with Firesand exterior color. The buyers should order it first since it is considered as a special order paint. There are two selections of packages. You can have Black Pack and Design Pack. If you love with aggressive and muscular styling, you can choose black package. It offers you with gloss black paint located on the mesh, side power vent surround, and grille.

2013 Jaguar F-Type Firesand Engine

There is no need for you to doubt on the performance of 2013 Jaguar F-Type Firesand under the hood. Jaguar equips their special edition with a supercharged V-6 engine. The total output generated by the engine comes in the rate of 380 horsepower. The peak torque can reach the rate of 339 pd-ft of torque at 3,500 to 5,500 rpm. The acceleration rate can reach 60 miles per hour within 4.8 seconds. The top speed can go up to 171 miles per hour. 2013 Jaguar F-Type Firesand can run fast on the road as soon as you put the key and hit the pedal.

Jaguar has not confirmed any official pricing of 2013 Jaguar F-Type Firesand. We should wait until it reaches the production line.

2013 Jaguar F-Type Firesand Gallery:

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