2013 Honda N-One Sale on November

2013 Honda N-One White


2013 Honda N-One is the mini car edition from the Japanese manufacturer. The design reminds you with a small car of mini Cooper. This vehicle is perfect for the people who live in urban environment. You can tackle the limited road easily. You can escape the traffic in town effortlessly. The car is tiny so that you can park it anywhere you want even though the area is too limited for you. The futuristic car is perfect for the people who love simplicity. Inside, it is created in subtle, easy and comfortable design. The detail is scrutinized a lot by the engineers. The bench seat size emphasizes the protection, safe and comfort of the driver and passengers.2013 Honda N-One Interior View

2013 Honda N-One Front Interior


2013 Honda N-One comes in premium design. The car is much inspired by the look of mini Cooper. The roof and body offer you with two tone paintwork. The main standard feature that you can get is the new emergency stop signal system. It provides the driver with a wonderful protection while driving on the road. The emergency system works by giving the vehicles behind the wheel an alert using the hazard light. It is applied when you make sudden braking. Even though it looks small, it can be used to accommodate four adults.2013 Honda N-One Rims


The perfromance of 2013 Honda N-One will never let you down. The turbo charger engine is equipped under the skin. The engineers use a DOHC Turbo engine to ensure that the driving performance of N-One is great and powerful.  The engine comes in the displacement of 1.3 liter. The Japanese automaker, Honda, has not revealed any more information about the engine.


The buyers who are interested to drive the mini 2013 Honda N-One just need to spend $14,000.  It has been on sale this November. We may expect that this edition will be sold in US too.

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