2013 Honda Micro Commuter

2013 Honda Micro Commuter was first revealed on Tokyo Auto Show. The concept is pretty cool. We expect that the Japanese automaker will make it into its production line. Don’t expect to see a funky and fun prototype model for the commuter. The main focus is not on the styling and design but on the practicality and functionality. This vehicle is used to serve the people who like to mobile a lot. It can serve well the people living in urban environment. The eco friendly vehicle has something unique to offer. The interior features a table device that the driver can use as a navigation system, a backup camera and an energy monitor.

2013 Honda Micro Commuter is compact vehicle. The prototype is made based on the new Variable design platform. The cargo room as well as the passenger’s room is increased since the lithium ion battery and motor is placed on the rear end of the vehicle. The certified car has the dimension measuring at 84 x 49.2 x 56.9 inches. The compartment is not really big. It can only accommodate a driver, on adult passenger on the front set and two children on the rear seats.

2013 Honda Micro Commuter gets the power from the combination of a motor and lithium ion battery. The electric vehicle can only generate the powertrain at 20 horsepower. It needs three hours to charge the battery in full capacity. You can use it to reach the range at 37 miles. The top speed can reach the rate at 50 miles per hour. However, this is not the final model. The automaker will likely to apply some revision on the exterior, interior even engine before Commuter reaches its production model. Hopefully the new car is improved with wonderful styling and powertrain.

2013 Honda Micro Commuter is still a prototype. We should wait until it is manufactured to know the base price.

2013 Honda Micro Commuter Gallery:

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