2013 Honda CR-Z at Paris Motor Show

2013 Honda CR-Z Exterior Design


2013 Honda CR-Z has been launched by the Japanese automaker in Paris Motor Show 2012 as a new hybrid car. The electric motor is expected to be marketed around the world in January 2013. There are subtle interior facelifts that you can see on the cabin. The door panel has been revised to carry a new character. You can have a rear view camera to get a clear visibility through the rear window. The people who choose the EX trim can enjoy the black and red tones for the interior cabin. Other standard features for the interior include the Bluetooth, text messaging features and Pandora.2013 Honda CR-Z Interior


2013 Honda CR-Z looks great and nice for both inside and outside. The automaker applies some revisions of the exterior to make it more upgraded than before. The appearance of body resembles the look of a coupe model. The exterior color comes in two tones. The buyers can get the Aurora yellow color. The new vehicle now runs 17-inch wheels. The aerodynamic design is well represented through the new diffusers.2013 Honda CR-Z Rear Exterior

2013 Honda CR-Z Exterior Design


Under the hood, you can count on the performance of the electric vehicle. 2013 Honda CR-Z is powered by a lithium ion battery under the skin. It is considered for the first time for the CR-Z edition to have such an electric drive model. You can have a better and sportier performance, thanks’ to the presence of Sport Plus (+). The displacement of the engine comes at 1.5 liter. It will be equipped with Engine control unit and variable valve timing. The total output produced by the vehicle comes at 137 PS at 6600 RPM. The peak torque can reach the rate at 190 NM. It can sprint from zero to 62 miles per hour within 9.0 seconds. The maximum speed can hit the road at 124 mph.


2013 Honda CR-Z is sold in the base price under $20,000.

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