2013 Brabus B63-620 Widestar Review

2013 Brabus B63-620 Widestar Review


2013 Brabus B63-620 Widestar is a car produced and designed by Mercedes. The new car is much inspired by the performance and design cues of Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG. Brabus is equipped with amazing tuning program for the engine. It can run fast with its off road style. You can have it outfitted with Brabus Ride Control suspension Dynamic. It can enhance the comfort while driving Brabus under the hood. Inside, Brabus has been designed based on the need of buyers. The cabin is accented by using breathable and premium soft leather. It has Alcantara Brabus Mastics available in many color choices. Thus, you can personalize the new color based on your taste.2013 Brabus B63-620 Widestar Front Dash

2013 Brabus B63-620 Widestar Rear Interior


2013 Brabus B63-620 Widestar looks great from the outside. The front fender is made in striking appearance. The rear and front LED lights can bring nice illumination on the stainless steel Widestar-board. The front spoiler is incorporated with LED light and attached to the front fascia. When you turn the attention on the bumper, you can see revised fog lamps. On the other side, you can see backup lights.  With those fantastic elements, the latest Brabus looks aggressive, impressive, and fun to view from any angles.2013 Brabus B63-620 Widestar Rims

2013 Brabus B63-620 Widestar Front Design


2013 Brabus B63-620 Widestar is adorable. Under the skin, Brabus carries 5.5-liter biturbo V8 engine. It can deliver the powertrain at 611 bhp/ 456.3 kW/ 620 hp. When you want to go for a fast driving hit the pedal to reach the maximum speed at 134 mph or 230 km per hour.  It can sprint from zero to reach 100 km per hour within 5.1 seconds. Brabus is available in All Wheel Drive system.2013 Brabus B63-620 Widestar Engine View


The customers who like to ride the latest 2013 Brabus B63-620 Widestar can purchase this car on the dealership in the price starting from 5900 Euros.

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