2013 Alfa Romeo Gloria

2013 Alfa Romeo Gloria

2013 Alfa Romeo Gloria was one of the most admired concept at the Geneva Motor Show. The sports sedan, built by the IED in collaboration Alfa Romeo, has made many heads turn.

2013 Alfa Romeo Gloria Side View

In the video below you can admire the design bold, but not overdone, designed to conquer new Alfa enthusiasts all over the world with a top-notch product. He did not study the case of Gloria was born to stimulate the interest of the two most important markets in the world, the USA, where Alfa Romeo still warms the hearts, and China, the potential exterminated.

2013 Alfa Romeo Gloria Rear View

The youth of the IED in collaboration with the Centro Stile Fiat-Chrysler Group’s European and the Alfa Romeo have created this sedan, four-door, 4.70 meters long, 1.92 wide and high 1.32 (up to 290 cm ).

2013 Alfa Romeo Gloria Front View

2013 Alfa Romeo Gloria Engine View

Beautiful to see and ready to host the V8 production Italian (Ferrari and Maserati), but also, and perhaps especially the V6 engines, including turbo, designed and manufactured in Modena to Maranello, that will be installed (already on the Maserati Quattroporte) and the Ghibli future flagship Alpha.

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