2012 Suzuki Splash Review

2012 Suzuki Splash Review


2012 Suzuki Splash is ready to collect some attentions from the car lovers all over the world. The Japanese automaker is ready to launch the new car to compete with other 2013 car editions. The vehicle is perfect for the people who live in urban environment since it is made in small design. The combination of exterior and interior makes the new Splash as a complete package. The compact car offers you with high quality of comfort represented on the interior. There are five seats with ample luggage area on the back side. Going in and out of the car will never make you uncomfortable since it comes in high seating. The front door armrest comes in black finished fabric, while the center console is accented by using Piano black finish.2012 Suzuki Splash Elegant Interior


2012 Suzuki Splash is considered as mini compact car. The agility enables you to track the tight road in town easily. The body proportion is totally compact but it is high enough to give your comfort when seating inside the car. The exterior is accentuated by the presence of revised grille and bumpers. The hood is stylish and eye catching. When you like to purchase the vehicle, you can choose the suitable exterior color based on your personal taste. Riding the vehicle will be fun. However, this car is not a good family car to own.2012 Suzuki Splash Rear View


The Japanese manufacturer offers you with two engine options. The first engine comes in 1.0 3 cylinder engine. It is equipped with VVT. It can boost the power in the rate of 68 PS. The CO2 emission comes in the rate of 109 gram per kilometer. The second engine is more powerful. You can have 1.2 liter dual VVT. It can boost the powertrain at 94 PS.2012 Suzuki Splash Engine Review


There is no information related to the price of 2012 Suzuki Splash.

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