2012 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

2012 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

2012 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, A moment long awaited by fans of Ferrari and genius of Enzo Ferrari, who believed in the dream and built it. It is open to Modena after less than three years, the Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari, a place to enjoy the rooms and objects that have made Drake the myth we know today. Under a large bonnet yellow Ferrari of five thousand square meters you can admire the models that gave birth to the great dream of Enzo from the slopes to the true icons of the Prancing Horse’s history, in addition to knowing the details of a man who has made ​​excellence of made in Italy a flag, yesterday and today.

2012 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Front View

While waiting to see her live debut at the Geneva Motor Show, you can begin to see the first images. Developed thanks to the collaboration of the two pilots of the Scuderia Ferrari Formula One, the F12 Berlinetta is a candidate to be the most powerful road car in Maranello.2012 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Side View

Power and beauty, but also reliability through the use of aluminum, which has made it possible to lower the overall weight of the car. The F12 Berlinetta was built on an architecture transaxle, with the block transmission housed in the rear, while the 6.2-liter V12 is fitted at the front, but with rear-wheel drive.

2012 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Engine View

Frame and body are designed from the center Scaglietti and are composed of 12 aluminum alloys including some used for the first time on a car: this has allowed the reduction of 70 pounds compared to 599, while maintaining high performance and safety.
Magnetorheological suspension in the “Evolution”, the new home of Ferrari mounts carbon-ceramic braking system.

Aggressive design that relies on a perfect balance between aerodynamic efficiency and elegance of proportion. A meticulous work not only on the engine technology, but also in the interior, Frau leather, the highest comfort and roominess with the controls clustered around the steering console.

2012 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Dashboard View

A real gem, the result of experience and passion of Ferrari, with a price that should be about 270 thousand Euros (not yet official), waiting for the first deliveries in September 2012.

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